Should I Return the New iPad Pro & Get a Macbook?

Episode 1801 (13:13)

Evan from Phoenix, AZ
iPad Pro

Evan recently bought a 1TB iPad Pro with 16GB of RAM. But now, he's having some buyer's remorse. Leo understands, considering it doesn't come with a keyboard, and if he bought the new M1 Macbook Air, he'd get a keyboard and spend $1,000 less. A MacBook Pro can as well. The real problem is that iOS isn't taking advantage of all that high performance, making Leo wonder if Apple is up to something in the future. But at the end of the day, it comes down to whether you prefer macOS or iOS. And in a week, Apple will probably announce a new high-end MacBook Pro. So the best move may be to return the iPad Pro and keep the powder dry until he can know what's coming.