Can I Defer the Windows Automatic Update?

Episode 1801 (1:31:15)

Doug from Magnolia, TX
windows 10

Tom has a Dell computer with a jittery mouse. He discovered that the Windows 20H2 update was the cause. So he removed it. Leo says that worked, but eventually, Tom is going to have to reinstall it to move forward. So he reinstalled H2, and his mouse problem returned. Leo says that 21H1 is coming, and there's a chance it may fix the issue. Can he stop Microsoft from updating Windows? Leo says he can by going into the setup and select "I have a metered internet connection." That will defer automatic updates. But sooner or later he will have to. Rollback 20H2, and then update with 21H1. Worst case it doesn't work and he can roll back again. But hopefully, it'll work.