Alarmist Media Reacts to Amazon Sidewalk Networking

Episode 1801 (03:03)


Amazon Sidewalk will begin operating on June 8th, and it's got the media sounding what Leo calls a scare tactic. What Amazon Sidewalk is, will be a wireless network for things like location tracking of tagged animals and devices and the white paper indicates Sidewalk will be private and secure. It uses Amazon Echo and Alexa to create a neighborhood-wide mesh network for being able to locate your devices. But the media is crying about privacy concerns, which Leo says is sheer nonsense. Having said that, users can go to the Alexa app and turn Amazon Sidewalk off. Sidewalk isn't sharing any of your details, or even your internet. But it can be helpful in locating GPS tags on animals, devices, etc. It uses a maximum of 80kb of data, capped at 500MB. So it's not even close to being enough to impact your internet access. But Leo understands if people want to turn it off, and there's a means to do it, buried in the application settings.