What's the Best OLED?

Episode 1800 (2:02:00)

Fred from San Pedro, CA

Fred is in the market for the best OLED TV he can get. He wants the clearest, sharpest image for live sports. Leo says that OLED is the best option for that. It would be Plasma, but they aren't made anymore. OLED makes sports look great. Leo likes LG OLEDs, but in the latest HDTV shootout, the Sony  AG9 won. So Fred would be fine either way with those OLED models. And if he can get the 2019 models, he will get a better deal and the image will look just as good.  Look to drop about $2K-4K.  What about Samsung? Leo says Samsung hasn't made OLEDs until this year... they make QLED, which is an LCD. So this is the first year they've made OLED, and they are getting their panels from LG. So why not get the real deal?