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Watch Eric from Hollywood, CA Comments

Eric has an old HP laptop that was lagging and slowing down. He replaced the hard drive with an SSD, but it still lags. Leo says it's possible that if Eric reinstalled a backup of Windows, that there's malware or some corrupted drivers that is the original cause of the lag. The best thing to do is install a fresh copy of Windows and start all over. That means backing up data, then format the drive, and installing Windows from a known, good source. NOT a backup. Then restore programs and data and see if that works. If it's still lagging, then it's just possible that the laptop is just showing its age. What Eric could do is install Linux on it and see if it speeds up. If it doesn't, then the laptop is just plain old.

Watch Reid from Atlanta, GA Comments

Reid doesn't care for Gmail, which he has to use at work. It's definitely not as good as Lotus Notes or Outlook, especially when it comes to searching for content. Leo says that he uses Gmail corporate and finds it very capable with features that many don't even know about, much less use. So Leo advises just getting used to using those features. Leo also doesn't use the web interface. He uses FastMail's client to run through Gmail. So if he can get the company to approve using Fast Mail as a third-party client to grab Gmail, then that may be the way to go. Can he rename the subject line? Leo says no. That seems to be a feature specific to Lotus Notes or Outlook. And it may be a legal requirement for corporations since they have to archive all email communications for 7 years by federal law. 

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Watch Rio from Escondido, CA Comments

Rio wants to be able to convert audio to text so he can read what he's hearing. Leo says that Google has audio-to-text captioning in Android now, and it's pretty amazing. But the downside is that Android doesn't save the text as a file. There are a ton of other services though. What Leo uses is

Watch Bob from Riverside Comments

Bob installed a new SSD to his Dell computer, but he can't boot to it.  Leo says that where Rob went wrong is he tried cloning the drive to the SSD. What Bob needs to do is installing Windows directly onto the SSD. That way he gets the critical boot information. The reason is that Windows can't be copied from one drive to another. It must be installed. Bob can't get into setup though. So what does he do then? Leo says that Dells use F11 (or F12) to bypass the setup and go directly into boot order. Then he can go directly to the installer. 

If he can't, then Leo suggests taking out the drive and rebooting. It's also possible that Bob's keyboard is the culprit. 

Demos in the Chatroom - run into this on some older systems, there may be a slot for an extra drive but they share the same controller, and he can only use a SATA or M.2 drive, but not both at the same time. Take out the spinning SATA drive and install Windows on the M.2 drive.

Watch Brooks from Pratville, AL Comments

Brooks recently ought a Blue Yeti and he doesn't like the echo he gets. Leo says that's one of the reasons he stopped recommending that kind of mic! They are very forgiving for off-axis sound and as such, they pick up everything. So he will need to soundproof the room. That's why Leo recommends a dynamic mic like the Heil PR40. It's the one he uses. 

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Watch George from Van Nuys, CA Comments

George is looking for an affordable replacement for his Android phone. Leo says that he likes the Motorola G9. It's $238 and it has a huge battery. Decent camera. A little more expensive, but with a better camera is the Google Pixel 4a - and the 5a should be out in a few months.

What about a laptop? Not a power user. Leo is of the mind now that Chromebooks are ideal if most of the things we do are online. They're simple, secure, and very affordable. The new Acer Spin is about $350 and they are fantastic with an aluminum body. If what George wants to do can be done through the Chrome browser, then the Chromebook is for him. 

But if he'll want to do other applications like photo editing, then Leo likes Dell and Lenovo. 

Watch Michael from LA, CA Comments

Michael has a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and when he connects via Bluetooth to his headset, the audio quality really drops.  Leo says to try removing the device and then repairing it. It's also possible that the profile Michael is using is the wrong one. The sad part is, Michael may not have a choice to use a different one. So he may be stuck. He will want to use a profile suitable for music, like Aptex or A2DP. But it sounds like the tablet may be older, and thus relies on an older headset spec that doesn't support stereo and won't sound good.

Watch Fred from San Pedro, CA Comments

Fred is in the market for the best OLED TV he can get. He wants the clearest, sharpest image for live sports. Leo says that OLED is the best option for that. It would be Plasma, but they aren't made anymore. OLED makes sports look great. Leo likes LG OLEDs, but in the latest HDTV shootout, the Sony  AG9 won. So Fred would be fine either way with those OLED models. And if he can get the 2019 models, he will get a better deal and the image will look just as good.  Look to drop about $2K-4K.  What about Samsung? Leo says Samsung hasn't made OLEDs until this year... they make QLED, which is an LCD. So this is the first year they've made OLED, and they are getting their panels from LG. So why not get the real deal?

Watch Bob from Honolulu, HI Comments

Bob got a new Mac and wants to know how to transfer data from his old one. Leo says it should ask if the user wants to transfer from the old Mac at Setup.  It's called the Migration Assistant. It may even do it via WiFi. But definitely over USB. And it could take a while. But it can get stuck, so if it doesn't move after a few hours, Bob may need to quit it. But he'll get most of the data.

Bob also says the Mac starts up a bunch of things he doesn't want or need. How can he remove them? Leo says that startup items can live in a lot of different places, but look in the System preference pane. That's the safest place. Apple hides them because they don't want users to delete something the system needs. But under the finder, click Library, Startup Items, System Library Startup Items. There are also Launch Demons and Launch Agents. Bob will have to use the terminal to get to Launch Control. Type Launch control list. That will give a list.