Johnny Jet and the Cheap Way to First Class

Episode 1798 (1:19:40)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet may have cracked the code to get first-class upgrade for a cheap price. Johnny says to wait a few hours before flying and then see if you can upgrade it. 

In other news, Breeze Airways has been started by the founder of Jet Blue. It's his fifth airline to start and based on getting older planes and flying regional routes. Breeze starts the 27th of May for about $39 a ticket.

Car rentals continue to be a challenge for travelers, with it costing more than your plane ticket itself due to extremely limited fleet capacities. Interesting workaround is to sign up for local tours. They will pick you up at the hotel and you don't have to drive. And check out, where you can rent a local car from someone. It's essentially AirBNB for a car. 

Puerto Rico is dropping testing for vaccinated passengers, and Miami International is offering Covid Testing on the spot. Meanwhile, JetBlue will return to flying to London soon. $1900 RT business class, $599 Coach. Johnny says that prices are also coming down.