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Episode 1798 May 22, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Frank from San Diego, CA Comments

Frank wants to get a laptop for his brother, who lives in Ukraine. Leo says that 8GB RAM is the minimum for a Windows 10 PC, but Leo says he should double that. RAM is different from hard drive storage. Get as much as he can afford, but 128GB is the minimum for a hard drive, 256GB is even better.
An SSD is best. Frank has a budget of $300. Leo says that's going to limit Frank's choices, so if he can go higher, the better.

Another option is a Chromebook. Less expensive, so he can get more bang for the buck, and if his brother's work is mostly online, that would be ideal.

Also, check for prohibited items going to Ukraine. He won't want to send a prohibited item (electronics is such) and lose the laptop.

Watch Matt from Torrance, CA Comments

Matt wants to get cameras so his wife can stream their backyard animal activity. Many of the cameras he's looking at only stream when there's movement. Leo says that is because they are solely battery-powered. What he will need is a camera that he can plug in and stream continuously, and connect via WiFi. But just remember that's going to impact the overall bandwidth. Leo recommends NEST Cams. But there's also Wyze Cams, which are very affordable. Focus on outdoor-only cameras, unless he can build a small shelter for the camera itself. 

Check out Toana's Adventure on Twitch here.

Matt also wants to know if there's an alternative for the Logitech Harmony keyboard. Leo says it's sad that Logitech is killing the Harmony line, but there's really nothing to replace it.

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Watch Don from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dennis is seeing multiple Outlook accounts in one while using EDGE. Leo says that it knows what account by cookies, and if both are associated with it, it could cause that issue. So he can delete the cookies, or sign out of one, and it will then not default to one or the other until he logs in again. 

Watch Art from San Juan Capistrano, CA Comments

Alan cut the cable and is watching TV with an antenna. But what about streaming? Leo says that's called "over the top," and he will need to still pay for internet service at least 100MB down to enjoy streaming in 1080p. Then he'll pay for Netflix and perhaps a second like Amazon Prime. But he can also get live streaming using a service like YouTube TV. is a free streaming service, but they bug everyone for a donation of $5 a month. Even with using an antenna though, streaming can make it add up to the point where it starts to make cable look like a pretty good deal again.

He may also need to get a streaming box. Leo likes ROKU, but there's also Apple TV and Amazon Fire. Leo says that Roku is the best and offers a wide variety of channels.

Watch Eric from Beaverton, OR Comments

Eric recently upgraded his internet for GB access. But he's having issues with where the network terminal is located. He has his own wifi router but the problem is the wall separating the optical router. So he had to buy a long ethernet cable in order to move the router to where he can get a good connection. But it slows him down. Leo says that powerline networking is an option, but the speed will drop about the same. It's also dependent on the quality of wiring. MOCA is possible, or wireless over cable. It's essentially Ethernet over coax. And it's pretty fast. It can definitely handle gigabit speeds. Here's how to set up MOCA. There's also this Lifehacker article. And the chatroom recommends the Motorola MM10000 router.

Another option is to put the router as high up as he can get it. And maybe investing in a mesh router system would also help.

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Watch Victor from Columbia, SC Comments

Victor has a Lenovo ThinkPad E570 laptop that he thought would work for Flight Simulator 2020. But it's just not fast enough, even though it has an NVIDIA video card and a dual-core i7 processor. Leo says that Flight Simulator is notoriously heavy on requirements. The minimum is i5 4460 or a Ryzen 31200. RX 570 GPU. 8GB of RAM and 2GB of VRAM.  So it sounds like the laptop could handle it. But it crashes? That may not mean the laptop is too slow.  Leo has the same problem with his brand new laptop. It's just very challenging. Is there a workaround? Not really. He could play it at a reduced frame rate, but he will end up quitting. The solution is really to get a more powerful computer. One designed for gaming. Alienware by Dell is a gaming platform, or Lenovo's Legion line, or Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers). Plan on spending at least $1,000. And since we're in a chip shortage right now, he may need to wait a while to get it.

To get more bang for the buck, look into a gaming desktop from Falcon Northwest.

Watch Kyle from Carson, CA Comments

Sam recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet, but he doesn't know how to turn it on. Leo says first thing is to make sure the tablet gets charged up. It'll take a few hours. Then on the edge of the tablet will be a power button. Press and hold the button for a few seconds until the logo appears. That will turn it on. There will also be a rocker button for volume control. It should also have a stylus. He can also read the user manual here.

Watch Kevin from Whittier, CA Comments

Kevin got some new equipment from his ISP and he can't seem to use his HP printer with it. Leo says that all of today's printers are WiFi enabled and Kevin will need to input the network information and password using the printer interface. If it can scan for the network, that would be easier. Input the password and he should be able to see it online after adding the printer in Windows. Leo also recommends going to HP's website to download the latest drivers.