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Episode 1797 May 16, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Timmy from Oak Hills, CA Comments

Timmy has two upgraded Windows 10 laptops, and when he tries to move files around, the computers will slow down and ultimately crash. Leo says that Operating Systems have an index of all your files, and it could be that the indexes on both computers are corrupted. The indexes will need to be rebuilt. Click on the Windows key and type Indexing options. Select the rebuild option. It will take a while, so it's best to do it before you go to bed. Also, make sure the folders that Timmy is trying to move haven't been excluded. There's a button and listing for that.

The other option is that the computer SSD drives have started to go bad. That is unlikely but possible. Windows Defrag tool has a TRIM option and defragging the SSD drives will do that. Outside of those two options, as unlikely it is, the controllers could have gone bad as well.

You can also look for a copy utility called "robo copy" on your Windows machine and use that instead. It's a command-line utility, so google RoboCopy and Windows 10. It's much better to copy a lot of files than Windows regular copy utility.



Watch Lotta Money from Ft. Lauderdale, FL Comments

Lotta just bought a new baby blue M1 iMac. It's his first Mac. Leo says that the learning curve isn't too bad. It's mostly things that just look slightly different to do. Can he watch live TV on his iMac using the Hauppauge WinTV? Leo says that it should. But it may be that there isn't Mac compatible software. So Lotta will have to get a mac compatible tuner. The ElGato/GeniaTech EyeTV is one. It's about $100. 

Watch Rod from Desert Hot Springs, CA Comments

Rod has an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and when he tries to create a custom label for his three phone numbers, the labels disappear and are replaced by "home." The custom labels disappear. Leo says it could have to do with Syncing. If you're syncing to something that doesn't understand the custom labels feature, that could do it. Look into contacts, then accounts, and see what you're syncing with. See if it syncs with iCloud. If it's Outlook, it may be that Outlook doesn't support custom labels. Google Contacts doesn't mind. If you don't need to sync accounts, try turning that off and see if it fixes the problem. It could also be a bug, so you should report it to Apple.

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Watch Ross from Sun Lake, CA Comments

Ross has ripped all his CDs so he can enjoy the mp3s in his car with an external hard drive. Leo says that is cool, but hard drives have the same problem as a record player; they will skip when jostled. So if you hit a bump, the hard drive could skip, and that could damage your hard drive. Leo recommends a solid-state solution like a thumb drive or SSD drive in an external enclosure. Or you can put the music up in the cloud and just stream it from your mobile phone through the car's Bluetooth connection. Then you can listen to all your music from the cloud or stream from a service like Spotify.

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Tom wants to know more about the latest iPad Pro. Leo says he'll get his in about a week. It will have the same M1 chip as the MacBook Air, Mac Mini, Macbook Pro, and the upcoming iMacs. So it's a pretty big deal. It will also have up to 16GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. It also has an ultra-sharp display. The iPad Pro will also support Thunderbolt 3. So it's essentially a MacBook Air in tablet form. And it costs about the same, too. Leo wonders why Apple put out an iPad that is clearly overpowered for a tablet. Maybe more pro-grade apps for iOS that will appeal to younger users?

Watch Steve from Beaumont, CA Comments

Steve wants to register his grandkids' names as a domain. But how expensive is it really? GoDaddy charges a lot. Leo says that there are various registrars out there, and the price isn't fixed. So if GoDaddy is too expensive (and they'll also try and upsell you with hosting and other features), then go to another registrar. Leo recommends Google Domains. They're probably the most affordable out there. About $10 a year. It shouldn't be more than that. Another good registrar is Hover.

Once you've set it up with a registrar, you can set up a forward to Gmail, for instance. You don't need a website or pay someone to host your email. Gmail can pick it up for free. 

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Watch Linda from Bowling Green, MO Comments

Linda is looking to get a Chromebook to replace an old Lenovo laptop. Her budget is around $300. But remember that when you have a budget that low, you tend to sacrifice performance. But if you don't mind that, Leo says that Lenovo has a few models in that range. There's also the Acer Spin, which is a nice one that Leo likes. And can she transfer her data to the new Chromebook? Leo says that Chromebooks store everything in the cloud, so you can easily backup all your data to Google Drive and Google Photos for stills. 

Watch David from Culver City, CA Comments

David is looking to get into cryto currency mining. Leo says that it's largely not economical to mine bitcoin because of the amount of electricity you need at this point. But other currencies like Helium, Dogecoin, and Etherium are more economical. It also costs to get into it, because you have to invest in the equipment. So don't expect to get rich off it. At least not in the short term. Don't think you can get rich quickly. But then again, nobody thought that Bitcoin was going to be as huge as it is.