What Laptop Should I Get That Features Tablet Mode?

Episode 1796 (1:31:41)

Marlin from Hinckley, Minnesota
 X1 Nano

Marlin does reports using his computer with voice dictation. He would like to transition to an iPad, but he hasn't really had success with them. Leo says there are a bunch of note-taking apps that do just as good a job as Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking. Including OtterAI and Notability. There are also online options. So maybe trying a few different apps would yield better results. Marlin needs to update his laptop anyway, so what's his best option? Leo says that the latest HP Elite Folio laptops are designed just for that purpose, with a reversible screen to go into tablet mode. It's not as powerful as a standard laptop, but it would be fast enough. Leo also likes the Dell XPS line. Lenovo's Thinkpad X1 Nano is surprisingly powerful and light. The Microsoft Surface is also one to look at, though note very "lappable." The X1 Nano is exactly what Marlin is looking for.