Johnny Jet ... Back East

Episode 1796 (1:21:55)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is back in the air, flying back East to visit his dad. He said it was good to be traveling again, but it's a little different. Johnny then cashed in miles to fly first class back to LA for his Dad to see the kids. The secret to a good deal on a premium seat is to be flexible, even at the last minute. The trick is to wait until the last minute and pounce. 

In related news, the FAA lobbied huge fines to passengers who refused to wear a mask on a flight. Up to $35,000. Flight attendants will warn you three times, and after that, they will report you to the FAA. Europe is also opening up to international travelers, but since countries like Greece haven't had as many vaccines, masks will still be mandated. Always know the local laws before you go. 

Site of the week - The Quiver. It's Airbnb for surfboards. You can rent a surfboard or rent your own!