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Episode 1796 May 15, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Kirk from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Kirk is an AOL user with Microsoft Outlook, and he wants to know how he can back up his email. His email PST file is 13.9GB! AOL recently eliminated all of his 2020 emails and he wants to make sure he has a copy, just in case. Kirk is also concerned that his email doesn't appear on his iPad.  Leo says it's a good time to get out of AOL and try another service. Leo recommends Gmail. 

Leo says to get it out of all the disparate formats and back it up to a central backup. It's also best to get his emails out of a single PST file and export them into a TXT file.  There's a number of ways to do it. Back up to the iCloud account. The good news is that iCloud will automatically back it all up. Kirk will need to purchase more iCloud storage from Apple, but it's cheap.

Open up Outlook and export email into an MBox file. Tools->Message->Save->Export formats. That's an open-source, text-based standard file format. It'll save each email into a separate file and save it into a folder. Then, he can compress the file into a zip file and it will take up less room on the hard drive. From there, Leo recommends backing up to the cloud.

Should he go with Apple Mail instead of Outlook? Well, he can. But take it to the next level. Leo says that Apple wants Kirk to use Calendar and iCloud to sync up. They want to lock him into their ecosystem. The good news is that Google has those options as well. For Calendar, Contacts, and Gmail. Google stores it all into open source formats. And every calendar and address book app will work with it. And iOS on his iPhone has the way to sync to Google easily. Once he has it in Google, he can put it anywhere. And he can tell Gmail to go get AOL so he won't have to close it.

Watch Dennis from Marina Del Rey, CA Comments

Dennis is going to buy an LG OLED. He recently saw an ad for $500 off. How can they do that with such a recent model? Leo says that sometimes they do sales like that to clear out last year's model. Sometimes, it's a liquidation of inventory or even a damaged box, which must be sold as refurbished. The real key is whether the warranty is intact. So pay attention to the reviews. Throw out the highs and lows and take the rest seriously. Also, be sure they will accept a return if the TV doesn't perform or work out. 

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Joey from San Diego, CA Comments

Joey has a PC running PopOS Linux but he wants to learn more about the secrets of the system. Leo says that there are books, but generally, it's through communities that you learn. REDDIT has many good subreddits. is the definitive subreddit for it. Also, the Pop_OS subreddit would be good. There are also Linux and PopOS communities on Discord. That would be good too. 

Watch Marlin from Hinckley, Minnesota Comments

Marlin does reports using his computer with voice dictation. He would like to transition to an iPad, but he hasn't really had success with them. Leo says there are a bunch of note-taking apps that do just as good a job as Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking. Including OtterAI and Notability. There are also online options. So maybe trying a few different apps would yield better results. Marlin needs to update his laptop anyway, so what's his best option? Leo says that the latest HP Elite Folio laptops are designed just for that purpose, with a reversible screen to go into tablet mode. It's not as powerful as a standard laptop, but it would be fast enough. Leo also likes the Dell XPS line. Lenovo's Thinkpad X1 Nano is surprisingly powerful and light. The Microsoft Surface is also one to look at, though note very "lappable." The X1 Nano is exactly what Marlin is looking for. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Paul from Louisville, Kentucky Comments

Paul is trying to create a version of his hard drive image that can run in VirtualBox. The image uses VHD and he's having issues with VirtualBox reading it. It does do it with Windows 7. But he gets a "no bootable medium" message. Leo says that there are more standard formats other than VHD. Most virtual platforms look for ISOs with a native format of VDI. He also wants to be sure that the BIOS is using the UEFI format.

From Sophie in the chatroom - there is an “enable UEFI boot” in VirtualBox. That could maybe be the solution.

Watch John from Fallbrook, CA Comments

John is about to retire to Portugal. What computer should he upgrade to before he leaves? Leo says he may not have to. Try replacing the spinning drive in the current computer with an SSD drive. Leo also says to boost RAM as high as he can afford. Both those moves will greatly increase the performance of his existing computer. These days new processors haven't increased in speed like the old days. The processing power has been largely incremental. 

Watch John from San Clemente, CA Comments

John recently added an M.2 drive and adapter to his daughter's computer, but the computer doesn't recognize it. Leo says it's probably not formatted. Go into the Windows installer, then Options, and select the disk partitioner. If he can't see it there, then there's a problem with it. The key is to get a SATA drive. He can get M.2 SATA drives, but he may as well use an SSD drive at that point.