What's the Best Way to Backup and Organize My Photos?

Episode 1795 (1:47:06)

Jimmy from Panama City, CA

Jimmy misses Google Picasa. He loved that photo app. What's a good alternative that doesn't require a monthly fee? Leo says that Picasa was the sweet spot from the low-end freebie and the high-end app like Photoshop or Lightroom. Google bought it and then killed it after promising to move features over to Google photos, which they never really did. It's a pity too.

What about The Monument? Monument is a good option, but it's from Kickstarter, and there's no guarantee that it'll work overtime. But if it works for you, it doesn't require support. So if it works for you, then it should continue to work even if the company goes under.  NextCloud is a personal solution that's like your own personal DropBox. SynchThing is another that's open source. There are a lot of different solutions. Synology even has its own app.