How Can I Transfer My Data From DropBox to iDrive?

Episode 1795 (1:39:17)

Cavot from Costa Mesa, CA

Cavot has been using DropBox for years and wants to know how he can easily transfer 2-3TB of data to a new service, like iDrive. Leo says that iDrive is a backup service, while DropBox is a file sharing and syncing solution. And not a great one at that. The problem is that DropBox also syncs deletions, so if you delete it off your hard drive, it'll delete it off dropbox. You can ask iDrive to send you a hard drive which you can then download the data and then send it directly to iDrive. 

ScooterX in the chatroom offers this from iDrive -

One way to do it is to get an external 4TB hard drive and sync Dropbox to it. Then it'll be on the external drive. Then you can have iDrive back that up. You can get a Seagate 8TB drive at Costco for $120. Great deal.