How Can I Record Over 40min on Zoom?

Episode 1794 (57:23)

Steven from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA

Steven recently launched a new podcast called Lord of the Nerds. He's been using Zoom to do interviews, but he's limited to 40 minutes and 720p when he has more than one guest. Is there a 1080p alternative with no limits? He tried AnchorFM, and it was OK. Leo says that unless he can have a compelling reason to do video, don't. It adds way too much difficulty for the benefit he can get. Audio is where he wants to be since most listen to audio podcasts. Zoom is really the best option, but everyone has to have good bandwidth. And Steven is limited to 40 minutes because he's using the free, basic tier. What a lot of podcasters do is have everyone record their own locally. Anchor.FM is a great option. is another great option that's worth looking at. They use double ending to ensure both sides of the podcast get recorded at the best settings, and they do 1080p video.