The Giz Wiz and the Mini Keyboards

Episode 1794 (2:14:22)


This week's GizWiz gadgets are a pair of mini keyboards. The first is a backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard + Touchpad + Mouse with Laser Pointer by ETopBest. Plugin the 2.4 GHz computer, charge the mini keyboard and it's ready. But you'll have to turn it on, too. It also has a sleep mode to save battery, some really nice LED backlighting with a choice of colors, and even a laser pointer. The small design makes it easy to hold by hand and it is small enough to slip into a pocket. Powered by a 450 mAh Lithium-ion battery. Price as of 5/6/21 is about $24.

Giz Wiz Video:


This looks like the same keyboard w/o the RGB LED backlight & w/o the laser light. It was $17.99 on 5/8/21. - 

Here's another one.  The PONYBRO RGB Backlit Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard. Like the other mini-keyboard, it uses a 2.4G wireless connection by using the USB dongle housed inside the unit. This unit has a full function 77 keys compact QWERTY keyboard with multimedia control keys, and yes, even F11, which strangely the other one doesn't! (It only goes up to F6!) There's a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a micro USB charging cable included. The finger touchpad supports left and right mouse click, double click, page-turning up and down. This keyboard does not have the laser pointer which most likely you won't need, and it's less expensive too. It was about $19.00 on 5/8/21.

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