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Episode 1794 May 8, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jeff from Pasadena, CA Comments

Jeff lives in a condo and he has a problem with his neighbor taking over his Apple TV (she has one too). Obviously, a remote from the neighbor's Apple TV is taking control. How can he prevent that from happening? Leo says to go in the settings, under Airplay, and turn it off. Settings->Airplay->Allow Access-> Allow nearby. But that may not prevent the remote from taking over. Leo recommends moving Jeff's Apple TV as far away from the wall as possible. Or, if possible, he could try and place a metal tray or sheet behind it to block the signal. 

Watch Vivian from Riverside, CA Comments

Vivan can't seem to figure out how to get her Outlook email on her iPhone. Leo says first go to and log in to see if she can get mail there. Once that's verified, then she should be able to go into the iPhone's mail settings and input all the login information into the mail app settings.

Settings->Mail->Accounts->Add Account. Then select the option and input all your login information. Then she will be able to log into the mail app and get the mail.

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Watch Steven from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA Comments

Steven recently launched a new podcast called Lord of the Nerds. He's been using Zoom to do interviews, but he's limited to 40 minutes and 720p when he has more than one guest. Is there a 1080p alternative with no limits? He tried AnchorFM, and it was OK. Leo says that unless he can have a compelling reason to do video, don't. It adds way too much difficulty for the benefit he can get. Audio is where he wants to be since most listen to audio podcasts. Zoom is really the best option, but everyone has to have good bandwidth. And Steven is limited to 40 minutes because he's using the free, basic tier. What a lot of podcasters do is have everyone record their own locally. Anchor.FM is a great option. is another great option that's worth looking at. They use double ending to ensure both sides of the podcast get recorded at the best settings, and they do 1080p video. 

Watch Chris from Green Bay, WI Comments

Chris has an iPhone for work and an Android for personal. He's paired it to his Subaru, and it pauses the audio when he gets directions from Google Maps. But his Android doesn't do it. Leo says it's called "ducking," or Audio Focus. Look in the settings since in Android it's app-specific on that platform. 

Watch Steven from San Diego, CA Comments

Steven wants to order a new M1 iMac. Is it better than the M1 Macbook Pro? Leo says they're the same, along with the Mac Mini. Really it comes down to what form factor one prefers. Go for it! It screams.

Watch Glenda from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Glenda works at a gallery and they are planning to do online auctions. She wants to know how she can add a virtual frame to the images they shoot Leo says that she can use the iPhone's Shortcuts app and automate it with a frame. That's one of the features it offers. Look for the PictureFrame app by Frederico Viticci. He's the king of Apple Shortcuts at There's also a subreddit at She may be able to find some there as well. Check out this article for more.

From Scooter X in the Chatroom - There's also an app for that -

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Watch Guy from Mobile, AL Comments

Guy recently put a new hard drive in his computer and he put Linux on it. But now when he tries to print he'll also get several additional pages printed out for no reason. Leo says that Linux uses an open-source printer driver called CUPS and it's printing out an error code that it doesn't understand. It's probably due to CUPS using a printer driver that is close, but not exact to the printer. Try and see if the printer manufacturer has a Linux driver. That could help. Or see if he can use a different HP driver since HP uses PCL, which is good on Linux. Give it a shot, paper is cheap.

Watch Al from Columbia, SC Comments

Al wants to get a Chromebook. What does Leo recommend for under $500? Leo likes the Acer Spin. It's quite good. Solid aluminum, decent keyboard. Good screen. Battery life. And it's in his budget. Check out for reviews of others. How about a USB Hub for his Mac Air? Leo likes the Cal Digit TS3 Plus. It has Thunderbolt. USB-C. Ethernet.

Al is also having problems using Air Print on his Brother LaserJet on his printer. He can't print a PDF from an app on his phone. Leo has a hunch that Al doesn't have the right driver installed. Get it here. Here are a few suggestions from the chat room:

Leo:  In “printers and scanners” have him make sure the drop-down at the bottom of the applet is set to his printer and not PDF or “last printer used"

 Leo:  In “printers and scanners” have him make sure the drop-down at the bottom of the applet is set to his printer and not PDF or “last printer used"

 “We recommend using AirPrint. If your machine does not support AirPrint, download Brother iPrint&Scan from the App Store.

Leo, he doesn't need the Brother software at all. The AirPrint will print and scan



Watch Tom from Santa Clara, California Comments

Tom says that when using Zoom, he runs into problems. Leo says that's because everyone is using the network, from education to working from home, and as such, it can get overloaded. Leo recommends Jitsi. It's free and open source. And he can run his own server for calls, as well. He can find others in this article at Computer World. But chances are, he is going to end up back at Zoom. It's largely ubiquitous.