Why is My TV Flickering?

Episode 1793 (1:03:59)

Louie from Orange County, CA
HDMI Troubleshooting

Louie is having home theater issues when he switches from his TV to blue-ray and back. He's getting flickering. Leo says that there's an HDMI handshake that happens between your AV receiver and the television. So, Leo says it sounds like the handshake may be failing for some reason. It could be as easy as a bad cable. Probably the HDMI cable. The TV ports may also be slightly expanding when they get hot. So try a different HDMI port to be sure. The chatroom also says that there have been reports of a bug in HDMI 2.1. So look into that. Leo also recommends making sure that your firmware is updated on your TV and AVR. There could be an issue with the software discovered after the TV hit the market, and a firmware update could fix it. But Leo definitely thinks it's an HDMI issue.