How Can I Backup My Novel?

Episode 1793 (49:41)

Jeri from Costa Mesa, CA
Microsoft Office 365

Jeri has made the shift to writing and is doing a memoir about her life as a pilot. But she's concerned about backing up her data. Leo says it's wise to be concerned. Having a local backup is a good start, but bad things can happen when you least expect it. So Jeri will want to have an off-site backup as well. Leo says having three copies, in two different formats, with one off-site is the way to go. That's called a 3-2-1 backup strategy, and it's based on DPBestFlow by Peter Krogh. For a cloud backup, Leo recommends iDrive, because it's very easy, and it will do a local backup and a cloud backup. And it will do versioning, so you can go back in time if you need to.

Jeri also uses Microsoft Office online, so she also has 1TB of storage included. So she can also back up that way.