Can I Connect Four Monitors to My Computer?

Episode 1793 (1:22:02)

Mark from Oxnard, CA
Dell D3100 Docking Station

Mark would like to connect up to four monitors on his laptop. Can he connect two by USB? Leo says that it will work. There are a lot of USB monitors out there. But there may be a limit that the video processor can push pixel-wise. So it depends on your video card. Look at your specs. And if you are using an external GPU, you'll need a driver to do that as well. But don't go above 1080p. That'll help. 

From the chatroom: The Dell D3100 Docking Station or the D6000 display adapter. Both use USB 3.1 and connect your laptop to up to three additional monitors from a single cable. Leo says that may be the way to go.