Is a Refurbished Chromebook Worth a Buy?

Episode 1792 (1:52:00)

Jim from Indianapolis, IN

Jim recently got the OnePlus 9. He likes the camera but misses the Pixel camera. Leo says that there's something in the Pixel camera software that gives it the edge. But watch out for the Google Pixel 6, it's going to be a really great upgrade. 

Jim was also looking for a new laptop. He bought a Dell Refurbished Chromebook and upgraded to an SSD. He relies on the cloud a lot, so he wasn't worried about a high-performance model. Is it possible to upgrade to a Chromebook? Leo says probably not. Laptops have gotten so thin, that they literally get soldered. But he can get an older usdeed or refurbished laptop and upgrade it to be a Chromebook. But if it's too old, apps like Zoom may be problematic.