Johnny Jet and the Unsustainable Airline

Episode 1792 (1:16:30)

Johnny Jet

This week, Johnny went back in the air, test flying with Avelo Airlines. What makes Avelo interesting is that they are charging nearly $20 for the ticket, but $10 for bags and $35 for carry-ons, and other fees. The idea is to make turnarounds quickly without loading extra bags, so they can turn a profit. They fly 15-year-old 737-800s and 129 of the 189 seats only have 29" of legroom, which is tight.

A few cons about Avelo Airlines: -No TSAPre -No WiFi -No power ports -No frequent flier program -No first-class -No inflight entertainment systems (IFE) Since most of their flights are pretty short, most of these things aren’t really necessary. They more than make up for it with the pros: -Low fares -Cheap checked bag prices -Friendly service -Smaller airports -Quick boarding and deplaning Avelo is a great airline and with fares starting at $19 and a solid product, they’re a great option for travelers.

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Another new airline coming soon is Breeze Airlines, mostly flying the East Coast.