Why Does My Phone Reboot When I Go to the Grocery Store?

Episode 1791 (1:38:55)

John from Orange County, CA

John upgraded to a Moto G7 recently, and now it reboots when he goes to the supermarket and ONLY the supermarket. What gives? Leo guesses that there's a signal that the phone is receiving that it gets confused with. Try putting it in airplane mode first and see if it reboots. If it doesn't, then there's some sort of signal.  ScooterX says there's a Google TechNote to reboot your phone. The way to fix it is to turn off Bluetooth. The stores are starting to use "Bluetooth beaconing" which is kind of like NFC to track people in the store. They do this to send coupons and other messages. Turning off Bluetooth will fix it. But it could also be that the apps are crashing the phone as they wake up.