What's the Best Internet Alternative For an RV?

Episode 1791 (16:00)

John from Yuma, AZ
Straight Talk from Walmart

John is traveling around the country in his RV and he has been using his hotspot for internet access and streaming video. But he went through his Spectrum/Verizon 5GB cellular data cap in about three days. Leo says that hotspot data caps have always been limited. T-Mobile has a residential service that has no bandwidth caps or limits. And why wouldn't his RV count if he can live in it? But he should probably call to make sure he can do that. Outside of that, Leo doesn't know of any ISP that offers unlimited hot-spotting. T-Mobile is probably the best bet though. Starlink requires a satellite dish that needs to be re-aimed every time a user stops. But it's getting faster and faster. And the word on the street is, that Starlink is going to have an RV plan soon.

Check out this link for other hotspot alternatives.


In hour 2, Randy from Las Vegas called in to say that he uses Straight Talk from Walmart because he can specify which cellular network to ride on.