Can I Use a TV as a Computer Monitor?

Episode 1791 (1:01:40)

Jimmy from Stanton, CA
AW 55 Inches OLED Gaming Monitor

Jimmy wants to know if you can use a TV as a computer monitor. Leo says you can, but the sharpness of the TV isn't really good enough. Not as sharp. Leo thinks it's better to go the opposite direction and get the largest computer monitor he can afford and use it as a TV. Monitors are much sharper.  Alienware makes a 55" monitor.  But it really comes down to what he will use the computer for. Some, including JammerB in the chatroom, use a 4K LCD with a 120hz fresh rate, which can do the job. But they'll be more expensive than a monitor. So maybe it's worth it. Don't use an OLED though, as burn-in will be a factor.