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Episode 1791 April 25, 2021

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch John from Yuma, AZ Comments

John is traveling around the country in his RV and he has been using his hotspot for internet access and streaming video. But he went through his Spectrum/Verizon 5GB cellular data cap in about three days. Leo says that hotspot data caps have always been limited. T-Mobile has a residential service that has no bandwidth caps or limits. And why wouldn't his RV count if he can live in it? But he should probably call to make sure he can do that. Outside of that, Leo doesn't know of any ISP that offers unlimited hot-spotting. T-Mobile is probably the best bet though. Starlink requires a satellite dish that needs to be re-aimed every time a user stops. But it's getting faster and faster. And the word on the street is, that Starlink is going to have an RV plan soon.

Check out this link for other hotspot alternatives.


In hour 2, Randy from Las Vegas called in to say that he uses Straight Talk from Walmart because he can specify which cellular network to ride on. 

Watch Dennis from Marina Del Rey, CA Comments

Ken recently automated his home with Google Nest, but the problem he's having is that when he's asking his phone to take a picture, he's told by Google Nest that they can't do that. Leo says that's a common issue as sometimes, Google doesn't know where to process a request. That goes away over time as Nest learns speech patterns. It also helps to be more specific in commands.

Ken is also thinking about getting a 77" LG OLED TV. Leo says that OLED is the most accurate color-wise, and they do HDR beautifully. But they don't do too well with brighter, ambient light. So if in a darkened room, OLED is ideal. But if in a brighter living room, then an LED LCD is a better option. The other problem is burn-in. That can still happen if Ken leaves the TV on all day and night. They do have pixel shifting to combat it, but overreliance on that will cause problems. Sony's OLED is also quite good. But more expensive. Check out the A9G Bravia. Check out the most recent King of TVs Shoot Our Results here.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Randy from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Randy from Las Vegas called in to say that he uses Straight Talk from Walmart because he can specifiy which cellular network to ride on. He also discusses the relevant film Nomadland with Leo, which won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Watch Jimmy from Stanton, CA Comments

Jimmy wants to know if you can use a TV as a computer monitor. Leo says you can, but the sharpness of the TV isn't really good enough. Not as sharp. Leo thinks it's better to go the opposite direction and get the largest computer monitor he can afford and use it as a TV. Monitors are much sharper.  Alienware makes a 55" monitor.  But it really comes down to what he will use the computer for. Some, including JammerB in the chatroom, use a 4K LCD with a 120hz fresh rate, which can do the job. But they'll be more expensive than a monitor. So maybe it's worth it. Don't use an OLED though, as burn-in will be a factor.

Watch Jeff from San Francisco, CA Comments

Jeff calls in to warn that if you use an OLED TV as a computer monitor, you run the risk of burn-in from window elements like menu bars that are always on. That makes using an OLED a bad choice for a monitor. Leo agrees and suggests a 4K LCD TV with the highest refresh rate you can get.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch David from Orange, CA Comments

David heard that Verizon will no longer support 3G data, and as such his older Galaxy S6 mobile phone won't be able to support data. Leo says that's because Verizon is retiring their 3G and CDMA towers. David has some time though, as the retirement isn't scheduled to be concluded until 2022. But eventually, he'll have to upgrade his phone. But Verizon says the limit is the S4 or prior, so the S6 should still be supported for 4G/LTE. And there are a lot of modern phones that are affordable if on a budget. Some as low as $300.

Watch Dean from Quartzsite, AZ Comments

Dean can't stream youtube from his mobile phone browser. Leo says that sometimes the settings in the app he's using get corrupted and removing the app and reinstalling will solve the problem. Try the YouTube app as well.

Watch John from Orange County, CA Comments

John upgraded to a Moto G7 recently, and now it reboots when he goes to the supermarket and ONLY the supermarket. What gives? Leo guesses that there's a signal that the phone is receiving that it gets confused with. Try putting it in airplane mode first and see if it reboots. If it doesn't, then there's some sort of signal.  ScooterX says there's a Google TechNote to reboot your phone. The way to fix it is to turn off Bluetooth. The stores are starting to use "Bluetooth beaconing" which is kind of like NFC to track people in the store. They do this to send coupons and other messages. Turning off Bluetooth will fix it. But it could also be that the apps are crashing the phone as they wake up. 

Watch Bruce from Oceanside, CA Comments

Bruce uses a GoPro Hero 9 Black to record video when he's at the beach. But the sound gets terrible when the camera gets wet, How can he improve that? There are underwater microphones, but he will need the weatherproof pass through door. But weatherproof isn't waterproof. So that will likely not work. GoPro's MediaMod mic may be the best choice. But again, only weatherproof, not waterproof. 

Check out Bruce's YouTube Channel - Oceanside Trenchcoat Guy.

Watch Tom from Santa Clara, CA Comments

Tom is looking for an easy to use remote app that will handle multiple operating systems. Leo says that GoToMyPC may be a good option. Zoom may be the best choice. They just added a remote control feature.

Watch George from LA, CA Comments

Dennis is using GarageBand on the iPad and wants to know how he can use an external microphone and turn off the iPad's mic. The problem is how Dennis is connecting. Leo says to use a USB microphone like the Shure Motiv. The Microphone will be seen by the iPad and get used instead of the onboard mic.