Should I Buy the New iPad Pro?

Episode 1790 (1:51:16)

Tom from Riverside, CA
 iPad Pro

Tom is looking to get a new iPad, and he saw the M1 iPads announced this week. And wanted to know more about the miniLED displays. Leo says that only the 12.9" iPad Pro will have the miniLED ProMotion display, but it will give full array local dimming, P3 color gamut, and high dynamic range. But it's also $100 more than the same iPad from last year. It also has the M1 chip in it, which makes it as powerful as any laptop. That tells Leo that Apple wants people to think of it as a computer. But it still uses the iPad operating system. Should he get the 2TB of storage? Leo says no. That's too expensive. 512GB of storage and 8GB of ram are more than enough to do the job for Tom.  

Tom also wants to know what's the fastest, most reliable, and affordable internet service provider out there. Leo says that Starlink is getting faster and faster, and they are taking preorders now. But it's also $99, plus around $450 for the equipment. So it's not cheap. But it'll get faster as time goes on and more satellites get launched into orbit. Leo says until then, a 5G cellular service may be a better option, especially for that new iPad.