Johnny Jet ... Postponed

Episode 1790 (1:21:00)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about his most recent flight, which he was forced to postpone because his Wife has had a bad reaction to her second vaccine. In other news, Johnny says that because rental cars are so limited in inventory and expensive, people are opting to rent an RV instead and use it instead of a hotel. 

Meanwhile, the State Department has come out with an updated Do Not Travel to list with 150 countries on it! Countries include Canada, Mexico, Barbados, Most of South America, and parts of Europe. Johnny doesn't agree with the list, saying to put all of Canada on the list is ridiculous. Then again, Canada has closed its border to the US as well and will probably keep it closed until July 21st. Bhutan is the only country that is considered level 1 and safe to fly to.  Johnny adds that if you compare the DoNot Travel lists from other countries, you can get a better idea of what nations are unsafe to visit. Johnny says the US sometimes puts countries on the list for political purposes. Greece is opening up in May to the US, joining Iceland. So Europe is slowly opening up. Check out for places that are open and those that aren't.

Johnny says that 2021 is really the year of domestic travel. Stay local. Johnny says that Hawaii will likely be more open in June, but you still have to have passed a covid test and that's about $150. But if you're vaccinated, you can bypass the test and go.