The GizWiz and the AccuVoice

Episode 1790 (2:23:10)


This week's gadget is the ZoVox AccuVoice, which makes the dialogue in old movies understandable again. It's different from other voice boosting systems that focus on equalization. AccuVoice combines compression, consonant-range boost, formant enhancement, minimization of bass output -- plus other proprietary techniques they prefer not to divulge. The AV157 uses 12 levels of dialogue boost – 6 stages of AccuVoice boost plus 6 stages of their new SuperVoice technology. SuperVoice takes dialogue clarity to a new level by dramatically reducing non-vocal background sounds. Also helpful is a bright, easy-to-read alphanumeric display that shines through the speaker grill for a few seconds as you make adjustments. Inside the unit are three 2"x3” high-output full-range speakers powered by a 24 watt Class D digital amplifier with Dolby™ Digital decoding. The unit is small, just 17"w x 3 3/8"d x 2 7/8"h. There are three connection options: a minijack for analog hookups to older TVs (cable included), an optical digital port (cable included), and a minijack output for use with your headphones or subwoofer. MSRP is $299.99, but you can also find it available at some retailers for $199.99. As of 4/24/21, it was $199.99 on Amazon. The ZVOX Mini is under $100. (6 levels of adjustment vs. 12 levels for the AV157.)

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ZVOX Mini  Under $100