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Watch John from Leesburg, VA Comments

John is vision-impaired and uses Linux in order to go online. He uses ORCA, a graphical user interface in order to go online. He also uses a screen reader called "Speak up." But what can he use to encrypt his data? Leo recommends BitWarden (TWiT sponsor), though he isn't sure how the accessibility is.

Watch Damon from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Damon gets a popup message "PDF Printer not initialized" when he tries to create a PDF in Windows. Leo says that a PDF printer will simulate a printer to create a digital document, and it sounds like Windows may have broken it in a recent update. Type Windows+KS to go into Windows features (or Windows key, type Windows Features). Turn it off. Then on. Then look for a check box for printing to PDF. Turn it off. Then go back in and turn it back on. That will reenable the Windows Print to PDF drivers. Here's an article that outlines it step by step.

Damon can also make the Windows Print to PDF the default printer in print settings. Lastly, he can remove the print to PDF driver, reboot, and then reinstall it. It's also possible that a third-party reader like Adobe Reader may have replaced it and that will cause a conflict.


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Watch Tom from Largo, FL Comments

Tom's iMac recently died and he needs to get a new one. His iMac's fusion drive has also died. Leo says Tom could put an SSD into the iMac, but it's not easy to do. So it's probably time to get a new one. Or he can run the OS off an external hard drive. It'll be a little slower, but it could work. The new iMac's are M1, but they are low-end and limited to what one can add to it. Meanwhile, the latest iPad will come with a new M1 chip. But it doesn't impress Tom. The good news is that another Apple Event will be had in June for WWDC, so it's possible the iPad Pro will get an update REAL soon. Certainly by Fall. Leo says that June's event will also likely offer a new Second-Generation M1 MacBook Pro. 

Watch Terry from Southern California Comments

Terry is a cord cutter and he doesn't think that he gets actual high-speed internet with Frontier. Leo says it's been proven that Frontier goes out of its way to keep bandwidth speeds slow for its customers to keep them from using too much. Leo also says that Frontier is being investigated by states for their terrible customer service and rampant internet outages. And they aren't alone. The US has the worst broadband of any country in the developed world. Leo says that one solution is Elon Musk's Starlink system, but at $100 a month, plus the cost of equipment, it's not cheap. He could go to Spectrum. And since they are offering an AppleTV for $8 a month, it could be worth it. Or he can go with SLING. But Leo uses YouTube TV. However, the price continues to rise.

Another option is to go over the air with a ChannelMaster DVR and an antenna. That'll at least get him the local stations if he's within line of sight. LoCast is another option.

Watch Al from Columbia, SC Comments

Al has a 2015 MacBook Pro and he's looking to upgrade to a new model. Is the MacBook Air a good model? Leo says that Al will be very happy with it. It's got the M1 processor, a max of 16GB of RAM, and two Thunderbolt 2 ports. And it's not that different from the MacBook Pro, other than a fan.  He will also get a TB in storage and an extra GPU core.  So if he can afford it, max it out.  So now is a good time to buy, but keep in mind that June is WWDC and Leo is expecting new MacBook Pros to be announced, including a 16" model. They may also come with miniLED displays like the new iPads are getting.




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Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Tom is looking to get a new iPad, and he saw the M1 iPads announced this week. And wanted to know more about the miniLED displays. Leo says that only the 12.9" iPad Pro will have the miniLED ProMotion display, but it will give full array local dimming, P3 color gamut, and high dynamic range. But it's also $100 more than the same iPad from last year. It also has the M1 chip in it, which makes it as powerful as any laptop. That tells Leo that Apple wants people to think of it as a computer. But it still uses the iPad operating system. Should he get the 2TB of storage? Leo says no. That's too expensive. 512GB of storage and 8GB of ram are more than enough to do the job for Tom.  

Tom also wants to know what's the fastest, most reliable, and affordable internet service provider out there. Leo says that Starlink is getting faster and faster, and they are taking preorders now. But it's also $99, plus around $450 for the equipment. So it's not cheap. But it'll get faster as time goes on and more satellites get launched into orbit. Leo says until then, a 5G cellular service may be a better option, especially for that new iPad.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris has an iPad Air 2 and he's thinking of getting one of the new 11" iPads. Leo thinks it's a good idea but hold off the magic keyboard. It's too expensive. Logitech has a more affordable one called the Combo. It also has a case and function key row. 

Watch Valerie from Victorville, CA Comments

Valerie wants to know if Apple will ever bring back the small 11" Macbook Air. She's on her second one. Leo says he doesn't really know. But the rumor is, that they will do a 14" with no bezel, so it'll have a smaller form factor. Look for it in June. But an 11" model isn't really in the cards anymore. The other option would be the MacBook Air, and with the M1 chip.