Why Am I Getting Warnings From an Old Computer?

Episode 1789 (1:20:01)

Marie from Santan Valley, AZ
Windows 10

Marie got a new computer and gifted her old PC to her sister. She formatted the hard drive, reinstalled windows, and a few extra programs. Now she's getting an "unusual login activity" warning. Leo says that Marie needs to create a separate account for her sister. That will avoid the warning. But those other programs may have limitations on the number of users as well. Microsoft 365, for instance, can only be used for 1,2 or 5 users, depending on your level.  In the Windows control panel, under accounts, family, and other users, and add an account there. Make it an admin account, or you're going to be the tech support. Marie also probably tied her Gmail account to Windows, and that's why she's getting those warnings. It's better just to install Windows and let her sister activate it.