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Episode 1789 April 18, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Louis from United Kingdom Comments

Louis has been doing a medical show on YouTube for about ten years. The show, Geeky Medics, highlights medical issues for caregivers including bedside manner. But he's having issues where the mic is picking him up behind the camera. What kind of boom arm should he get? Leo says that there are a lot of really good ones out there. Leo recommends watching Alex Lindsay's Office Hours Video Podcast

Leo also recommends getting a spider mount, which will act as a shock mount for your microphone, limiting vibrations translating to the microphone itself. 

Watch Tracey from Ashland, OR Comments

Tracey says that Dragon Naturally Speaking doesn't support the Mac anymore. What are her options? Leo says that Apple's Speech to Text, operated by Siri, is quite good. As good as Google's Voice Dictation, which is also good. Microsoft recently bought Dragon, and it's possible that they may add macOS support in the future. Express Dictate by NCH Software is about the only one that's close to Dragon. It's designed to emulate a dictaphone. Microsoft Word also has voice dictation built-in. It's worth trying. Leo also recommends trying a better headset microphone. Microsoft also has an experimental Add-On for Word called Dictate.

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Watch Richard from Del Rey Beach, FL Comments

Richard has several platforms with different OSs, and he's having issues with maintaining contacts. He gets a lot of duplicates. Leo says that synchronization is a hard, universal problem. It guards against deleting anything, just in case. So you end up with duplicates. Leo uses Google Contacts. But even that doesn't solve the duplicates issue. But the sync is quite good. One solution that Leo recommends, that's iPhone only, is Sunshine. It can dedupe, as well as sync. It's invitation-only right now, but they are working hard at trying to crack this nut. Full Contract is another. 

Watch Fletch from Groveland, FL Comments

Fletch's wife has started a new online business. But they are having issues with Google Analytics working properly. Leo says it's a bit of a job to get it set up on your website. But once you get it properly coded, there's a lot of great data you can manage with it.  Fletch also wants to improve results when people search for her in Google. Leo says to ignore emails promising to improve her "SEO" (search engine optimization). There's a lot of snake oil out there. Start with Google's Webmaster Tools. Everything you need to learn, you can learn from there.

Watch Marie from Santan Valley, AZ Comments

Marie got a new computer and gifted her old PC to her sister. She formatted the hard drive, reinstalled windows, and a few extra programs. Now she's getting an "unusual login activity" warning. Leo says that Marie needs to create a separate account for her sister. That will avoid the warning. But those other programs may have limitations on the number of users as well. Microsoft 365, for instance, can only be used for 1,2 or 5 users, depending on your level.  In the Windows control panel, under accounts, family, and other users, and add an account there. Make it an admin account, or you're going to be the tech support. Marie also probably tied her Gmail account to Windows, and that's why she's getting those warnings. It's better just to install Windows and let her sister activate it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Gary from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Gary has a Windows and Mac computers, each with its own keyboards and displays. Is there a product that would allow him to use his Mac laptop to control his iMac? Leo says you can use a KVM switcher to link all the computers and switch from computer to computer. Also, check out Symless Synergy. It's a program that will make one computer act as a server and use clients on the other computers, so they can be controlled remotely. 

Watch Seraphine from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Seraphine is suddenly suffering from no WiFi. She was "borrowing a cup" from a neighbor, but now she can't get it. Leo says it's possible that the modem has died and you need another. Or you have a bad cable. It's also possible that the WiFI router is bad. If it's a router/modem combo, even more so.  The lights on your modem mean something, and if you look at the manual, it'll tell you if there's something wrong. Routers can also wear out. It may be time to replace it. 

What you can do is talk to the router. Type and hit enter in your browser. That's the IP address for your router. There will be a password for it. Once in, then you can see if it sees the internet.

Watch Duke from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Duke has a problem with his Windows 10 computer, which is restarting suddenly out of nowhere after about 10 minutes. Leo says that processors heat up really quickly, and if the thermal paste that ties the fan to the processor has dried up, it can easily start to overheat within a few minutes. There's software that can help show you if the processor is overheating. HWMonitor is the one to get.

But the most common failure point for restarts is the power supply. If the power supply begins to fail, it will restart suddenly.  Fortunately, it's easy to replace. 

Watch David from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

David (the Laptop Elf)  is trying to get some data off a 2011 Macbook, which has a dying hard drive. He pulled the hard drive and now has to connect it to her new Windows computer and transfer the data. But the MacBook uses iPhoto, and it has a single file with all the images balled up together. Sort of. R/C the iPhoto data file, and you'll be able to open it as a folder. You'll then see all the original images and transfer them over with a simple drag and drop. Paragon Software has software that can show the data in Windows. Connect the drive up and then run that to see the data and get it off.