What Should My First Computer Be?

Episode 1788 (39:10)

Roger from North Hollywood, CA

Roger is approaching 70 and is about to buy his first computer. Has it passed him by? Leo says that often people who are math challenges, have a phobia when it comes to computers. It's more of a psychological limitation. Leo says that a computer isn't really difficult to understand or use. A gentle introduction helps, along with having a specific purpose. What does Roger want to do with it? That enables him to start learning with a targeted approach. When cooking, for instance, Leo likes to use an app called Paprika, which helps him look up recipes from its built-in browser. Or search for a recipe in the computer's browser and then open it in Paprika and it will save it in its database and give things like shopping lists, etc. And because he's doing something he can enjoy, it develops skills for other computer applications. Photography is another one. 

Leo says that Roger's first computer should be an iPad. It's an ideal way to gently enter the technology space. And the base model is $329. Not a bad deal.