How Can I Listen to My TV With Headphones?

Episode 1788 (14:15)

Joe from Marlborough, NJ

Joe would like to connect a pair of headphones to his LG TV. But when he does, the volume is very faint. Does he need some sort of amplifier? Leo says that most TVs get their audio from HDMI and the Audio Return Channel. If Joe has a home theater system or AV receiver, it's better to plug into that instead of the TV. What Leo thinks is maybe Joe needs to enable the setting in the TV menu. There are headphone amplifiers. Check out for suggestions on which to get. There's plenty of options out there. Amazon has hundreds of them at all prices. Avoid Bluetooth though. Latency can be pretty bad. Scott Wilkinson suggests Heil. He also says that the TV audio menu will have a switch to enable/disable volume control of the output in general. Joe could enable it and have enough signal to hear in the headphones. But some TV models don't have that option, so an inexpensive headphone amp is probably the best option.