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Episode 1788 April 17, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Joe from Marlborough, NJ Comments

Joe would like to connect a pair of headphones to his LG TV. But when he does, the volume is very faint. Does he need some sort of amplifier? Leo says that most TVs get their audio from HDMI and the Audio Return Channel. If Joe has a home theater system or AV receiver, it's better to plug into that instead of the TV. What Leo thinks is maybe Joe needs to enable the setting in the TV menu. There are headphone amplifiers. Check out for suggestions on which to get. There's plenty of options out there. Amazon has hundreds of them at all prices. Avoid Bluetooth though. Latency can be pretty bad. Scott Wilkinson suggests Heil. He also says that the TV audio menu will have a switch to enable/disable volume control of the output in general. Joe could enable it and have enough signal to hear in the headphones. But some TV models don't have that option, so an inexpensive headphone amp is probably the best option.

Watch Roger from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Roger is approaching 70 and is about to buy his first computer. Has it passed him by? Leo says that often people who are math challenges, have a phobia when it comes to computers. It's more of a psychological limitation. Leo says that a computer isn't really difficult to understand or use. A gentle introduction helps, along with having a specific purpose. What does Roger want to do with it? That enables him to start learning with a targeted approach. When cooking, for instance, Leo likes to use an app called Paprika, which helps him look up recipes from its built-in browser. Or search for a recipe in the computer's browser and then open it in Paprika and it will save it in its database and give things like shopping lists, etc. And because he's doing something he can enjoy, it develops skills for other computer applications. Photography is another one. 

Leo says that Roger's first computer should be an iPad. It's an ideal way to gently enter the technology space. And the base model is $329. Not a bad deal. 

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Watch Warrick from WI Comments

Warrick wants to know if he should defrag before he transfers data from one drive to another. Leo says no. He won't need to do that, especially with an SSD. There is no defrag on an SSD because it doesn't work like a spinning drive. Also, copying data from one drive to another just copies the data, not the drive sectors. So in a way, he is defragging simply by copying. 

Watch Cindy from Carson, CA Comments

Cindy recently made a backup of her computer, and then it died. So now she has to restore her data from iDrive to a new computer. But she doesn't know what to do. Leo says that there's a restore folder that she can copy to the hard drive. That way she's not overcopying by restoring one blob back onto the hard drive. She can also search by file extensions. It's a bit of work, but it should be in documents. 

As for fonts, what's the difference between open-type fonts and true type fonts? Leo says one format is owned by Adobe and the other is owned by Microsoft. But in reality, it doesn't matter. Choose OTF. That's open-type fonts. And they'll render better.

Watch Vee from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Vee wants to know if she needs any more protection than her router to keep her safe online while she's teaching.  She doesn't need to add anything to the router itself, but the best thing is to guard her online behavior and keep everything online up to date. Update the OS regularly, when available, as well as the apps. Your browser should automatically update. Also, the router needs to be kept up to date and periodically, it pays to look for an update for it. Also, change the password from default. Turn off WAN administration. And turn off UPnP (Universal Plug n Play). Turn on WPA2 encryption. It'll require a password, which is good, but make it something that isn't easy to guess. 

Here are other things she can do ...


UPDATE the OS. Windows updates the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Make sure to get it updated immediately! Set the Update to automatic.

PASSWORDS. Make the passwords difficult. Easy to remember passwords are easy to guess. Use a password manager and let it generate and remember passwords.

Download software only from TRUSTED Parties!

TURN OFF the computer when not using it

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch John from Fullbrook, TX Comments

John wants to know if he can display slideshows and control them from his smart TV with his mobile phone. Leo says that he can through the Google Home app. If they are connected on the same network. He can also create slideshows with Google Photos. 

Watch Steven from Bloomington, CA Comments

Steven wants to build a new computer.  He wants to get an Intel 11700K, but he's a bit nervous because reviews are disappointing. Leo says it largely depends on what he's using it for. AMD may be a better option. The Ryzen 7 5800X is great if you can find it. The bigger challenge is going to be video cards. What Leo recommends is doing a virtual build through Dell. That way he'll have support in case something goes wrong.