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Watch Stacey from Michigan Comments

Stacey got tired of missing tornado warnings. She had a tornado rip through her front yard! So she got an emergency radio that she can tune into the NOAA weather channel. She also uses an app called Tornado Spy, which uses crowdsourcing to advise of tornado activity in your area.  

Stacey also started a podcast on Origami. It's called The Origami Show. And she wants a recommendation on a good mic. Leo says that Stacey's best bet is the Audio Technica AT2020 USB+. It's $150. 

Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Louis is interested in an app for doing simple photo editing on his Mac. Leo says that Pixelmator does a lot of what Photoshop does and is only $29.99. There's also Acorn and Affinity Photo.

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Watch Paige from Culver City, CA Comments

Paige is worried that she'll lose all her email someday if Google cancels her account or closes down Gmail. Leo says that FastMail is a paid service and it's a better option. However, you can back up your Gmail using Google Takeout. You could also use FastMail to go and get your Gmail if you make that choice. And you can use Evernote to back up your Gmail as well. Other options include BackUpify, which is a paid service. 

Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian ordered a pair of LG UltraFine 4K monitors. Leo says those are an excellent choice. Apple sells them.

Watch Brian from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Brian has had an issue with an alarm system for two years that drives him nuts. They are supposed to get push notifications in the app, but often they don't. Or one person gets them, and one doesn't. Leo says that iOS can be very aggressive at shutting down background apps. Notifications can also be dialed up and down with sensitivity to not get a notification every 10 seconds when the wind blows. So it could be dialed down too far. If you haven't visited the app in a while, it may just be shut off. Or the company's servers may be down. There's a lot of points of failure there. 

But it also may be time to get a new alarm motion sensor system. Here are a few from the chatroom -

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Watch Lynn from Sylmar, TN Comments

Lynn would like to get better internet service. Spectrum is terrible. Leo says that wireless internet is about to take off. Elon Musk's Starlink is a bit expensive at $99 a month, but it's going to get faster over time. Cellular internet is the next big thing, and T-Mobile is leading the way there. And it would be ideal for Lynn since he lives in a rural area. Not much competition on the cellular tower. So if you want to give it a go, it may be worth trying. 

Watch Jim from Glendale, CA Comments

Jim uses a 2013 Garmin GPS marine unit. But he can't seem to update it anymore with his PC. When he tries to download or upload from the device, the Mapsource service doesn't connect. Is that because his computer runs Windows 10, and it needs Windows 7? Leo says it may. Try r/c on the Mapsource icon and select "Compatibility Mode." So click on Start: go to the app and r/c. Properties. Compatibility. Or search for Mapsource in the taskbar and then select "Open file location." That will take you to the program file folder. Then you can try compatibility mode.

Watch Matt from San Pedro, CA Comments

Matt is going to have to pay $264 to repair his Apple Watch screen. Is there a third-party option? Leo says that Apple makes it very difficult for third-party repair, and it sounds like Apple is planning to replace the watch for that price. Often, it's cheaper or easier to replace an Apple product than replace it. But iFixit has a  page for fixing it. Check out the iFixit Screen Page.

Watch Ken from Corona, CA Comments

Ken got a new Vizio TV for Christmas, and he uses closed captioning. But it appears in the middle of the picture. Nobody seems to know how to move it to the bottom, where it belongs. Leo says that it could be a setting on the TV that does it. It depends on where the closed captioning is coming from. Check out this tech note from Vizio. Press CC on the remote. Then the menu.  But if UVerse is providing the captioning, you may need to go there to change it.