Why Aren't Larger TV Screens More Affordable Yet?

Episode 1785 (1:01:16)

Eric from Encinitas, CA
Heil PR40

Eric wants to know what the best option for creating a 120" screen is? Larger TV panels don't seem to be affordable. Leo says that projectors are still the best option, and short-throw projectors can help when dealing with small spaces.  But microLEDs may change the game. There are microLED screens out there with sizes over 100 inches. But they are six figures right now. So it'll take a few years before the technology gets seeded down to more affordable models. 

Eric also is looking for a professional quality microphone. Leo says that to use a pro mic like the Heil Mic (around $300) with a computer, you need a USB interface as well. Leo uses the Focus Rite Scarlet. Other good mic options include the Blue Yeti. Leo also uses a USB Pre interface at home with a Heil mic. But just about any stand-alone mic will be an improvement - even a Shure SM58. But you could also get a Jabra USB headset. That'll give you great improvement.