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Episode 1785 April 4, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jeff from Thunder Bay, Camada Comments

Jeff is frustrated with Microsoft Outlook and searching with Gmail. Leo suggests going with X1 to search Outlook and Gmail really well. So will Hexamail, which many says is the best email client for Exchange. The chatroom also suggests rebuilding your index in Outlook. That could speed up the search. Or just move everything over to Gmail and use it.

Watch Richard from Torrence, CA Comments

Richard is having a major problem with Facebook. Someone hacked into his account and altered all his information. So he's lost complete control of every account he uses. Leo says that's what Two Factor Authentication , with an authenticator app. It can guard against. You can also set up trusted contacts, which can aid in verifying who you are as you are trying to get control back. But since it's too late for that, you can only hope to get ahold of someone at Facebook to get help in getting control of your account back.

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Tom wants to know about Apple and the mini LEDs on their displays. Leo says that mini LEDs will offer a better screen with a greater dynamic range. They should be coming in new models of iPads and Macbooks. We should know more in the next few weeks on the iPads, and by June with the Macbooks. The latest iPad Air probably won't be updated, but the Pro is due for a refresh. 

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Watch Mike from Corona, CA Comments

Ron recently picked up a Samsung S8 mobile phone, but his new Outlook contacts don't come up on his phone. Just his old contacts. It's synced with Outlook at work. Leo says that to make sure everything is all synced up. You may be synced to Samsung contacts, and you need to be sure that it's synced up with Outlook. There is also a setting in Outlook to use autofill with contacts. It'll be in general phone settings, under apps, and then under Outlook. Make sure that contacts are turned on. Leo also recommends syncing with Google Contacts as well.

Watch Eric from Encinitas, CA Comments

Eric wants to know what the best option for creating a 120" screen is? Larger TV panels don't seem to be affordable. Leo says that projectors are still the best option, and short-throw projectors can help when dealing with small spaces.  But microLEDs may change the game. There are microLED screens out there with sizes over 100 inches. But they are six figures right now. So it'll take a few years before the technology gets seeded down to more affordable models. 

Eric also is looking for a professional quality microphone. Leo says that to use a pro mic like the Heil Mic (around $300) with a computer, you need a USB interface as well. Leo uses the Focus Rite Scarlet. Other good mic options include the Blue Yeti. Leo also uses a USB Pre interface at home with a Heil mic. But just about any stand-alone mic will be an improvement - even a Shure SM58. But you could also get a Jabra USB headset. That'll give you great improvement. 

Watch Jamie from Corona, CA Comments

Jamie has an issue that it takes forever to download an image that someone sends to her via text. Like days. Leo says that points to a problem with her cellphone carrier. The gateway between multiple carriers may be down or in need of repair. For Jamie's Samsung, it's Samsung messages. Try using Google Messages and see if it gets better.  You can change it in your message settings. Since her carrier is Sprint, it could also be that there's an issue since TMobile recently purchased them. So there's a lot of factors that you have to check on.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch John Michael from San Diego, CA Comments

Three questions:

1. Can you control a PC with a remote control? Leo says you can't really control a remote unless it comes with it, and it's usually for the monitor. Logitech does have a living room keyboard interface for your computer, though. The K600TV Keyboard is one.

2. How to get clear audio from a distance? Can you do it with a selfie? There are a few ways to do this. Have a recorder with you, record your voice, and then replace the audio in your camera (you'll also need a tripod). But there's also a remote transmitter microphone that will transmit the audio wirelessly and record it to your camera while also recording locally. Check out the MikMe, or the RODE Wireless Go.

3. How to create a good website? Leo says learning how to create a good website is a great tool to have. Check out You could also hire someone through eLance to build it. But there are a lot of services that offer template-based websites. and is a great place to start. 

Watch Afy from San Fernando Valley, CA Comments

Afy's Samsung Galaxy S7 phone won't turn on or charge up anymore. It's five years old. Leo says that the battery has finally died. Phone batteries can only take a charge for about 500 cycles. After that, it's dead. That means it's either time to have the battery replaced (which you can for around $100) or just upgrade to a new phone. 

Watch Mark from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Mark has a Google Pixel XL where there are no more updates, and the battery is dying. Is the Pixel 4a a good economical alternative? What about a larger screen? Leo says the Motorola Moto G9 offers a pure Android experience at an affordable Mid-Range price. It also has a great battery. But it's taller than it is wide. There's also a new Moto G Power that has a 6 1/2 inch screen.  And the Motorola One.

Are banking apps secure? Leo says they are probably more secure than logging in to the web. But it largely depends on how the banks developed it. Apps also give you benefits like facial recognition to log in. 

Watch Cheryl from Pomona, CA Comments

Cheryl wants to know if she can get a closed captioning with no internet access. Leo says that there may not be. What you need to find is a non-profit like an Independent Living Research Center to help with alternatives. Look into that.