Johnny Jet: Updated

Episode 1784 (1:26:47)

Johnny Jet

Johnny joins Leo to talk about what to do after you get vaccinated. The CDC still says not to travel unless it's essential, and if you are, you still have to wear a mask. Airlines are also going to continue to require masks at least until the fall. Travel continues to bound back, with over 1.8 million going through the TSA every day. And Europe may be opening up soon as more people get vaccinated. You'll also want to carry your CDC Vaccination card with you at all times. If you have attended any conferences over the last few years, you can keep the CDC card in one of those clear plastic sleeves that hang around your neck. Also make copies of your card just in case. 

In related news, Delta is the last airline to announce they will be selling middle seats, starting May 1st. So all airlines will be flying full flights after that.