Should I Run the Latest Windows Update?

Episode 1782 (45:26)

Don from Springfield, IL
Windows 10

Don noticed that Microsoft has a new update called an "Optional Quality update." What is it, and should he run the update? Leo says that it's likely a fix for a previous update or a new set of hardware drivers. Leo usually waits a few weeks on those to see if they break connectivity on peripherals like printers, scanners, etc. So wait a few weeks, and then if there are no problems, go ahead.

Don is also tired of the problems with Windows updates and is thinking of getting an iPad Pro. Leo says that the iPad Pro is a great replacement, as fast as the latest Macs. And it would be best if you got a keyboard and mouse for it too.  But they can get a little inconvenient to do "everything" on it. But for a lot of people, it's all they need. Leo advises considering a Chromebook instead.