How Do I Move Photos off an Old Windows 98 Computer?

Episode 1781 (12:38)

Jan from Yucaipa, CA
Windows 98

Jan has an old HP desktop running Windows 98 and has a working floppy drive. She can't connect it to the internet because a browser doesn't support it. So she'd like to donate it. Before that though, she wants to get her images off it. How can she do that and put it back on her newer Windows 7 computer? Leo says Jan should be able to plug a USB Thumbdrive so you can. But really, old versions of Windows 98 didn't, so that could be Jan's main problem. You can download a third-party USB driver that will handle it.  There is a program called Laplink, which would allow you to connect both computers, but the current cables are USB or ethernet. So really, you have only the floppy disk, and at 1.44 MB per disk, that could take a while. You'd also need to get a USB floppy drive for your newer computer to read it. 

You can get a serial port to USB adapter. 

But probably the best option would be to take the hard drive out of that old computer and then get a Newertek USB Universal Drive adapter. Connect it, and then plug it into the new Windows 7 computer. Your Windows 7 computer will then read it as an external drive, and then it's a simple drag and drop.