Johnny Jet: Hiding Away

Episode 1780 (1:16:16)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is traveling again for the first time in a year.  It's a road trip to Santa Barbara, and he's staying at a "hideaway." The nice thing about Santa Barbara is that everyone is sensitive to wearing masks. And he's not alone. The TSA reports that there's been over a million traveling through airports for nine days in a row. So travel is making its way back. Hawaii is opening up. Kaui is opening on April 5th. 

This week's travel tips -

1. Never leave anything of value in your car, especially if it'll be visible. 

2. Put your valuables in the trunk BEFORE you arrive at your destination. That way, people won't know.

3. is a great place to be sure you're getting a rental car; that is what they say it is and that it hasn't been in an accident. There's also