Is a Free Tablet Really Free?

Episode 1780 (1:57:49)

Christian from Calgary, Canada
Scratch from MIT

Christian got a free tablet from Caesar's Palace. Leo says it's possible that there's a gambling game on it that will pay for itself. So it's important to be "look a gift horse the mouth." There is no free lunch, and any device that gets on your network can "play with things." Even if all they are doing is selling your activity. So how legit can it really be? But Caesar's is a legitimate company, so it may just be worth it to send it to him. The more you play, the more money they will make. That's how gambling works.

You could wipe it and do a factory reset to get rid of the apps. Check out

Christian also wants his kids to learn how to code. How should he start? Leo says to check out Scratch from MIT.  It's designed like a game, so it's really easy to learn.

There's also CodeMonkey and CodeAKid.