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Episode 1779 March 14, 2021

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Audience Questions

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Watch Diego from San Dimas, CA Comments

Diego got hacked. He was online, and someone gained access to his desktop through remote access. He saw them start open files and folders. So he shut the computer down. He then tried running Malware Bytes and his AVS, but neither found anything. Leo says there has to be a remote access program on his computer. He advises going into add/remove programs and see if there's anything he doesn't recognize. Uninstall anything you don't know why it's there. To be certain, backup your data, format your hard drive, and then reinstall Windows from a known, good source. It's really the only way to be sure. Also, reset your router. Diego may also want to change all his passwords.

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Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul is spending up to $75 a month for internet access. He's getting a notice for an alternate service for $60 a month, called WOW, and they are offering an Eero router to boot. They also promise 80% bandwidth speeds, or 800MB down. Leo says it's about right to have a 20% loss over time. But he gets a warning from his alarm service that it goes out. Leo says that Paul is using Ooma, and it could be that there's a thruput issue when balancing your ISP and your internet phone service, which your alarm uses. And if Wow doesn't have a peering relationship with Ooma, it could be that it's taking longer to ping than your alarm system wants. Also, during prime times, your traffic may be increasing due to Netflix around the neighborhood. That could also impact your bandwidth. 

Watch Jim from Green Valley, CA Comments

Jim uses an iPad Pro to create artwork using ProCreate. He wants to show off his work online, but he's concerned that it'll be stolen. Leo says that's pretty inevitable. You can watermark it. But that's about it. How about printing them? Leo says that you can get an archival, art quality print with special inkjet printers, but they aren't cheap. You can get a service do it. Leo recommends GiClee.

Watch Dan from Cleveland, OH Comments

Dan wants to know how to export his data from an old version of Turbo Tax to a new version? Leo says you can create a single file backup in Turbo Tax, but he prefers to use the online version of Turbo Tax because it will automatically import all that data. But if you prefer to do it personally, look for all the .TAX files. Look for that, plus the year.

Watch Martha from Joshua Tree, CA Comments

The latest March Windows update has killed her Kyocera printer. Microsoft says that her manufacturer needs to update their drivers, while Kyocera says that Microsoft needs to make it. Leo says that Martha is caught in the middle. Microsoft says that they are working on a fix, though, so hopefully, they will have it soon. Until then, there's a workaround. Click on the link here for details. You could also remove the update, but since that's a security update, that could be problematic.

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Watch Cliff from Orange, CA Comments

Cliff bought a new Series 6 Apple Watch, and his tattoos are preventing the watch from working properly when taking his health readings. Leo says that's a common problem. A clear sticker is supposed to help, but there's apparently a case where the tattoo can prevent the watch from getting a proper reading from the sensor. Here's an article from iMore about why. 

Watch Vicky from San Diego, CA Comments

Vicky has a problem that she can't have a cellphone conversation unless she goes outside. It works for a few minutes and then begins to break up unless she goes outside. She's also having buffering issues with her TV streaming. Could they be related? Leo says they could be. Modern cellphones have a WiFi calling feature, where the phone routes the cell phone call through the internet. You can disable it in your phone settings. But that doesn't solve your buffering problem, and that points to a bandwidth issue. What Vicky needs to do is find out what her bandwidth speeds are. Netflix has a help page on bandwidth here. You can also do a speed test to find out how fast your internet bandwidth really is. You want at least 25mbps. Vicky could also replace her existing modem and router provided by her cable ISP and replace it with her own. Leo recommends the DOCSIS III modem. 

Watch Airshow Rob from California Comments

Rob does a podcast on airshows, and he wants to improve his audio mastering. Leo says to look in your compression settings. Keep it in a narrow band; that's the secret. Avoid an audio maximizer.