What Mac should I Buy?

Episode 1778 (1:34:11)

Scott from Orange County, CA
Mac air

Scott's wife is going to take her Covid relief check to upgrade her laptop. What MacBook should she get? Leo says that in terms of performance, the iPad Pro is in the same class. But she could be limited in terms of software. So it depends. The three Apple M1 Macs all have the same processor running at the same speed. The MacPro has a fan, but the Air doesn't. That's really the only difference. But for portability, the Macbook Air will be an excellent choice. She can't beat the 20-hour battery life. HOWEVER, there is going to be a new Mac event coming in a few weeks. So it may pay to wait to see what's coming in the next few months. 

Scott also downloaded a new camera app called FocosLive. It gives a bokeh effect for video.