Johnny Jet ... Summer is coming

Episode 1778 (1:24:10)

Johnny Jet

Johnny joins Leo to talk about how summer is coming and travel is roaring back to life. The big deal is if the vaccines will block variant Covid strains and if people will continue to follow mask protocols. Johnny hasn't been on a plane in over a year, and he's hopeful since the FAA is reporting the largest amount of air traffic since March of 2020. Internationally, it may take a bit longer. In addition to buying plane tickets, now is a good time to make car rental reservations for the summer. The reason is that it'll be tough to get a rental since availability will be limited and the prices will be higher. Many rental companies had to sell off a lot of their fleet and as a result, there are fewer cars available. Check out  They will find the best rates for you. Also CostoCoTravel's travel site will also get you a great deal.

Reminder, this October, everyone will need a REAL ID in order to travel by plane. Also, make sure your passport isn't expired or about to expire. Many countries won't let you in if your passport is within six months of expiring. Also, don't get passports stamped with a tourist stamp. It will invalidate your passport.