How Can I Stream My Church Service?

Episode 1778 (42:00)

Troy from Fontana, CA

Troy is going to be doing live streaming of his church service using the OBM project. But he is having trouble understanding how to manage multiple streams at the same time and be able to manage the ads that are put in the stream. Dubbed Content Delivery Network (CDN). Leo says that Vimeo is a good option. If only audio matters, check out IceCast and ShoutCast. But he'll have to host it himself if he goes with Icecast. Troy will also need a converter in the streaming software to put it into the IceCast format.  Leo recently moved to a new hosting service to handle all that. It's fairly inexpensive. Digital Ocean is an option. He can set up an Icecast server with them. There's a free low-level tier that would work fine for audio-only. The premium tier is $10 a month. Good deal.