Why Is Windows Jumping Around the Screen on My Laptop?

Episode 1777 (2:15:41)

Susan from Minneapolis, MN

Susan's windows screen also goes jumping around. Leo says that it could be several things. The first thing to fail in a laptop is the thin ribbon cable that runs from the computer section to the folding screen. It's a common problem. It could also be the video drivers or some other software issue. Try booting into Safe Mode and see if you can replicate the issue. If there's no problem, it's a driver issue. Remove the driver and reboot. Windows will reinstall the driver, and it should fix the problem. If it doesn't, you can get a USB with Linux (Ubuntu.org) and then reboot it. If everything is fine, then you know that there's an issue with Windows. If it still happens, then you know it's a hardware issue. It could need a new motherboard or video card replaced, and at 4 years old, it's probably cheaper to buy a new one.

Susan is trying to raise money for her daughter through GoFundMe. How can she make it go viral? Well, Susan did a good job getting on a national radio station to plug it. Go to HelpDixie.com.

But it's always a challenge to make anything go viral. It's kind of hit or miss. But telling the world is a good first step.