Why Can't My New Mouse Work With My Old Mac?

Episode 1777 (39:31)

Andrew from Moorpark, CA
2007 iMac

Robert is annoyed with modern web design. It's so hard to read. Leo says that web design is done by 20/30-year-olds these days, and black text on a white background has grown out of fashion. But you can press CMD-SHIFT and + or - to make the text larger. And it will remember. All browsers also allow you to apply a set format to a modern webpage. It's called Custom CSS. Check your browser settings. 

Robert's 2007 Mac runs macOS 10.11.6, and his Logitech wireless mouse isn't working with it. Leo says that it should, as computer mouses and keyboards are a standard. Leo says to try removing the driver and see if it works with the standard USB drivers. Then try downloading the new Logitech driver. According to the chatroom, there is an issue with the Logitech Mouse only being used with macOS 10.15 or later. So that may be the issue. There is a fix here. It'll also let you run macOS Catalina. But use it with caution.