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Watch Julie from Lake Tahoe, CA Comments

Julie's mom uses Windows 7, but she wants to know if it's secure to do her online banking. Leo says that Windows 7 is at the end of life, which means Microsoft isn't fixing any bugs or exploits anymore. So if you go online, you run the risk of being hacked or infected. However, if you only use it for one thing, like online banking, it may be secure. That means no surfing to other sites, no emails, just going to the bank. If that isn't practical, Julie's mom can always upgrade to Windows 10 (it's still free). Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and upgrade. It'll look about the same as Windows 7. But Leo also recommends just getting a new computer, like a Chromebook or iPad. Both are much easier to use for the average person and are very secure.

Watch Andrew from Moorpark, CA Comments

Robert is annoyed with modern web design. It's so hard to read. Leo says that web design is done by 20/30-year-olds these days, and black text on a white background has grown out of fashion. But you can press CMD-SHIFT and + or - to make the text larger. And it will remember. All browsers also allow you to apply a set format to a modern webpage. It's called Custom CSS. Check your browser settings. 

Robert's 2007 Mac runs macOS 10.11.6, and his Logitech wireless mouse isn't working with it. Leo says that it should, as computer mouses and keyboards are a standard. Leo says to try removing the driver and see if it works with the standard USB drivers. Then try downloading the new Logitech driver. According to the chatroom, there is an issue with the Logitech Mouse only being used with macOS 10.15 or later. So that may be the issue. There is a fix here. It'll also let you run macOS Catalina. But use it with caution.

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Watch Kevin from Ashville, NC Comments

Kevin wants to be able to listen to audio streams using his Grace internet radio. Leo says that the radios rely on a directory service called Reciva, and it will be closing down after April 30th. Presets will continue to work, and any existing radio streams will continue to work. But once the station changes its URL or RSS feed, you won't be able to use it. After that date, radio manufacturers will have to update their firmware to use another directory. C Crane, for instance, is working on a fix using an alternate service called SkyTune. They also offer customers discounts for new radios using the new directory for those who want to move on to a new radio. There are also ways with the current radios to save your favorite streams to the radio buttons. But really, if you have a smartphone, you can always get a Bluetooth speaker and replace the internet radio altogether. Or get an Amazon Echo. Tell it to play a certain station, and it will. 

Watch Doug from Panorama City, CA Comments

Doug hasn't had a computer or smartphone, but now he wants to connect. He also wants to watch TV, and his sets are too old. Leo says that you may be able to get a converter for free still since Doug is disabled. But they aren't that expensive to buy. Doug will also need an antenna or at least an internet or cable subscription. Another option to get an iPad or tablet with internet access. Leo recommends connecting with an Independent Living Resource Center and can get an adaptive living expert to help you find the solutions you need.

Watch Russell from New Hampshire Comments

Russell wants to be able to access his dad's PC remotely, so he can work on it when something is wrong. Leo says that Remote PC is the way to go. It's $6 for two computers for the first year. Leo uses it with his mom who lives on the other side of the country. You'll need to get it installed, but once it is, you're golden. 

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Watch Richard from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Richard would like a fast laptop to do CAD, video editing, etc. Leo says that a desktop would probably be a better way to go for super-fast CAD working. Laptops can't run at full speed because they get too hot. But the top of the line fastest laptops are Windows machines and are more like desktop replacements. And they run hot. ASUS Republic of Gaming and Dell's Alienware brands are designed for that high-performance gaming and other applications. But Apple's new M1 designs are making strides to do high-performance computing without having to run hotter. The M1 Macbooks should be coming to market at the beginning of next year. Leo uses Dell Precision workstations for their video editing. Leo also recommends ECC memory. For a Windows machine, Leo also suggests going with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor. But make sure it supports ECC RAM.

Watch Alex from Alpharetta, GA Comments

Alex is thinking of getting an electric vehicle and wonders if leasing is a better idea than buying because of battery degradation. Leo says that it's hard to know just how long the batteries in e-vehicles will last. But Tesla has been around for ten years now, and early Teslas are still working fine. And with the market moving towards e-vehicles, the battery life is going to get even better. What about the environmental impact of those batteries? Leo says every car comes with that consideration. Tesla is even recycling older batteries for their power walls, so there's a way to address the environmental concern. 

As for leasing vs. buying: the technology is advancing really rapidly, so a lease may be a good idea, but there's no real need to worry about it if you buy the car outright. It's more economical too.

Watch Susan from Minneapolis, MN Comments

Susan's windows screen also goes jumping around. Leo says that it could be several things. The first thing to fail in a laptop is the thin ribbon cable that runs from the computer section to the folding screen. It's a common problem. It could also be the video drivers or some other software issue. Try booting into Safe Mode and see if you can replicate the issue. If there's no problem, it's a driver issue. Remove the driver and reboot. Windows will reinstall the driver, and it should fix the problem. If it doesn't, you can get a USB with Linux ( and then reboot it. If everything is fine, then you know that there's an issue with Windows. If it still happens, then you know it's a hardware issue. It could need a new motherboard or video card replaced, and at 4 years old, it's probably cheaper to buy a new one.

Susan is trying to raise money for her daughter through GoFundMe. How can she make it go viral? Well, Susan did a good job getting on a national radio station to plug it. Go to

But it's always a challenge to make anything go viral. It's kind of hit or miss. But telling the world is a good first step.