The Giz Wiz and the Nifty Spiffy Dohickey

Episode 1776 (2:11:10)


This week's gadget us the inCharge 6 - or as Amazon calls it: The Six-in-One Swiss Army Knife of Cables, Portable Keyring Compatible with Apple iPhone/USB/USB-C/Micro USB Cable for All of Your Devices. This cable is short, about 2”. The whole device ready to charge is about 5”. But it's versatile. You get USB to USB-C, USB to combo Lightning/Micro USB, USB-C to USB-C & USB-C to dual Lightning/Micro USB. The device is very lightweight and easy to use once you master the 'hidden' connectors. With built-in magnets, the heads snap together to hang on your keyring, backpack, etc. The company says you can sync and charge simultaneously. And this I haven't seen before. This cable supports power transfer from one USB-C smartphone to another which doesn't have to be USB-C, as you'll see in my video. It can also charge from one USB-C smartphone to another type of portable device. So you can give a charge to a phone running out of juice, or charge earbuds, etc. It was under $20 on Amazon on 3/6/21.

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